In 3 months, we grew Pippa the Dox's to over 1,000,000 unique impressions using the same replicable growth methods.

In an Instagram Strategy we explore:

  • Influencer and Ambassador Relations
  • Increasing Conversions through Social Validity
  • Content Strategy and Hashtag Research
  • Brand Identity
  • Daily Offers via Stories
  • Weekly Engagement Giveaways
  • Shop-able Product and Promo Account Tags
  • Paid Partnership Arrangements
  • Community Development: Pods

The Instagram platform is highly visual and community based. It has the opportunity to 'go viral' with the right tools and content creation strategy, while developing brand identity. 

Instagram is an important channel as it has access to a wide age demographic from mainly 14-55 year olds. It offers many search criteria through the Search Tool, hashtags, locations, paid partnerships, tags and followers/ following metrics.