Pinterest Social Strategy

In 3 months, we grew Monarch Tokyo and Gem and Company to over 1,000,000 unique viewers using the same replicable growth methods.

In a Pinterest Strategy we explore:

  • Community Development: Groups and Tribes
  • Increasing Conversions: Rich Pins
  • Aesthetics: Brand Identity
  • Interest-based and Relevant Pins
  • Seasonal Promotions

The Pinterest platform is highly visual and has the opportunity to 'go viral' with the right tools. It is a great place to drive traffic to a blog or site with value-based content, while developing brand identity. 

Pinterest is an important channel due to its viewership base. It is majority females over the age of 24 who reside in households with over $100,000 annual revenue - a consumer demographic. 


Monarch Tokyo Pinterest

Gem&Co. Pinterest